Greenhouse today Outside looks new Greenhouse const 2003 Inside 2004
Inside 2006 (late fall)   Yours truly  
  Onions? This becomes the greenhouse

The small tree in front is the apple

Fence 2004
Cherry tree looking weak Rabbits?  2006 Rabbits !!!! 2004  
  Big apple (3 yrs) Small apple (2002)  
Dead grapes     Tree w/ animal guard
Ntate Buasono today (w/ babies) Ntate Laiere's Grapes   Sunset
Pono & Nkisi today Grape today (my cutting Bed where <--- Grape is!!  
Top of frame is gone!  2006 Top of frame is gone!  2006 Chaga w/ frames 2004 Ntate Nkisi le jareteng
Weeds Spinach    
My rondavel 2006 Water tank 2006 Water tank 2004  
Awesome grape / peach combo Bo-me craft center    
Lewis in Lesotho 2006 Lewis in Lesotho 2006   Lewis in Lesotho 2004
Well everyone, here it is!!!  These present day pictures were taken of my project site in Lesotho during April of 2006 by my friend Lewis (aka Weej) Mudge. As you can see by some of the pictures not everything is 100% but also remember that April is late fall in Lesotho and that we did not expect too much to be growing.  More importantly, it looks like the Apple trees I planted from rooted cuttings in 2003 have made it (of course I wish that they had been watered more) and it looks like one of the grape vines I established from a cutting has survived as well.  Lewis was told that the greenhouse was used this past winter and he personally tested out the rain-barrel to discover that it was still working as well. 

Clearly the rabbit project has seen better days, apparently due to lack of food for both rabbits and people.  Also though, it is important to remember that the people I was working with were not extremely business savvy and that may also have contributed to the failure.  But the cages themselves did survive (Tim, thanks for the stuff).

All in all, it is really something getting these current pictures.  Some aspects of the project are disappointing, but in general the tree seedlings are doing well.  The trees and grapes were the main aspect of my project and my hope was that once established they would require little maintenance (as they appear to have received).  Also, two of these photos are from other people's properties in the village where we were doing some grape work; both of those are doing well and regardless of all else, this is proof that grapes do thrive in this cold-dry-super sunny climate.  Now all we need is someone to water.

Weej's Official Field Report:

i went to Ha Khatleli on april 15th.  i got stuck in Mokhotlong for 5 hours afterwards.  so yes rich, you owe me a beer.

I'll begin by stating that rich sent me a list of priorites.  the report will follow his list.  i hope all the pics made it.

The greenhouse: i would say that it is in the same shape rich left it in.  looks really good. considering the wind that whips through mokhotlong, that's quite an accomplishment.  they were growing some tomato, peri-peri and meroho and some shit was climbing up.  while in good shape i would say (an educated estimate) at 50% capacity.

rich built three big beds.  looking up from his hut, from left to right (greenhouse of far left), i'll call them 1, 2, and 3.  on the whole they look good, obviously is some state of disrepair, but not too bad.  bed 1 has alot of weeds, the grapes are there, but not looking good.  2 has some spices that come back every year (they use it with meat), tomatos and some weeds.  3 has meroho, onions, tomatoes, carrots, looks like it's used the most.  all three have weeds and could use a watering.

the apple trees:  rich has some trees growing over the compound.  they range from looking 'ok' (3 1/2 feet high, weak and skinny) to 'great' (over 6 feet high and with lots of leaves).  see the pics.  i counted 5 living trees.

the cherry trees: i counted 3.  one looks great (tall, healthy leaves), one looks ok (skinny, but will live, but a ton of weeds), one dead.

grapes: the grapes on the compound in those boxes by the fence are all dead, the wire is not being used for anything.

rabbits: there's one rabbit there, ergo the four ages aren't being used right now.  2 rabbits went to Ntate Teco because Ntate Nkisi didn't have food for them.  he has eaten 2 and likes them.  the rabbit furs are being 'stored' whatever that means.

some of the flowers by rich's hut have come back, and the side garden is being used, but could use some weeding.

the water tank is in fine shape and is being used.  no chris, they didn't sell it.

the fence around the compound is in fine shape.

Tholong, Chaga, and Remaketse do all the work in the garden.  i did not see any of them.  only saw Nkisi and Pono (see picture)

Ntate Khotso's grapes: look freakin' great and the trellice is being used.  see picture.

Ntate Buasono looks ok (see picture).  he has a pain in his hips and has been to the hospital.  he says 'what up thato, how come you don't write?' (translation).

the Bo-'M'e rondavel: the roof is on, but no windows or door.  burglar door is there.  the inside is all rocks, dirt and shit.  i gather they're putting rocks on the floor as part of the construction.  they said work was going slow and they haven't used it yet, but hey, at least they got a roof on it.

Laiere's grapes look ok, but not nearly as good as Khotso's.  they showed my 3 grape plants in the garden.  i passed on your message about waiting three years before pruning them.

on the whole i was surprised at how much better things looked than i expected.  sure, some stuff could look better, but all things considered . . .

well done rich.  yes, they managed to dry their tears, but everyone i saw remembers you very fondly (don't ask me about atang in rambanta) and asked when you were returning for a visit.  i still assert that you should get a letter from Nkisi.  i gave him a stamped addressed envelope, i'm sure he'll find someone to write a letter for him.

alright, that's  the report.  check the pics.  atang, i have a bunch of pics for you too, i'll send them to everyone.  hope y'all dug this.  someone shoot me an email tonight to let me know you got this.  NEXT REPORT: khosto's skateboard park.